How to custom design?


  1. On the[Home] page, you can select the item by category or search for the item you want in the search box at the top right corner, enter the product detail page, click the [Personal design] button, and use the picture to design.


  1. How to use designer generator, how to make "Personal design"?



Upload Image:You can upload pictures locally on the computer and use them directly, you can upload pictures directly for design, support uploading multiple pictures, and support multi-layer design.

Add Text:Add text, font, color, font size, and alignment can be modified as needed.

Background Color Fill:For PNG material images, the color of the DIY area can be filled with different background colors, or the color of the material can be extracted with a color straw to fill the background color.

Recommended size: The pixels of the picture are the recommended size on the right to avoid blurred printing and noise during the production process.

Multi-layer Duplication:Click on the first layer, batch copy to "all" layers, it is more convenient and quick to design full-width products.

Auxiliary Line:When you need to re-adjust the specific position of the picture, especially when it comes to symmetry, you can turn on the auxiliary line function to assist the symmetry adjustment.

Transparency:The added material image and text can be controlled by adjusting the transparency.

Crop:The original material can be re-cut.

Filling:The short side of the material is filled to the edge position, and the long side will be cut off.
Fit:Put the material in the same proportion into the frame, all the content of the pattern will be displayed, and the default applicable state of the material will be used.
Extrude:Push both the vertical and horizontal sides of the material to the border.

Tiling:Copy and tile the original material map to cover the border, and there are 4 tile effects.


  1. Preview


  1. Complete the design and place an order. We will produce it for you according to the picture 1:1.


Click the "Add To Cart" button in the lower right corner to enter the shopping page, then fill in your shipping information and make payment. After the payment is successful, we will make 1:1 production and delivery according to the picture you designed and previewed. We provide a 100% quality satisfaction guarantee, otherwise a full refund will be given to you, please rest assured to place an order.