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As the temperature rises, your wardrobe makes way for shorts to take over. While you get comfortable, others feel the scorching allure of the sunny shorts look! But there was a time that was not the case. Turn the calendar back a few decades, and you shall come across the struggle women’s shorts had to endure on its way to prominence.

In the pre-1950’s era, women’s shorts were only worn by pinup girls or as beachwear. The number of both were few and far in that time. Those who did dare to wear them on the streets were subjected to an unrelenting shower of fines, abuses and catcalls. But gradually, the patient process of warming up to shorts began. Stars like Audrey Hepburn showed how shorts are much more than the cheap image imposed on them. By the 1970s, hot pants’ were an official fashion fad. Finally, Women’s shorts were seen as a stylish necessity for warmer days and casual sports with the right amount of sex appeal.

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