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Gifts for school enrollment - Custom design and print the best personalized school gifts with your own name, photo, text or patterns

Back to school! It's time to go to school again and of course you want to do it in style with some unique accessories that will make your time in class more entertaining. This is the time when many children go to school for the first time. School enrollment is not only an important day for your offspring, are you also looking forward to it and thinking about how you can make it particularly beautiful? In our editor you can easily design your school supplies online. You upload the photos of your choice, add a name or text and it will be sent the very next day!

Are you looking for a unique school bag? Then personalize it with your own photos on the front and back. You can choose from different designs and prints such as flowers, hearts, tigers, pineapples or oranges. Add your own photo and your own name.

Personalize your writing case, notebook and pencil case
You can also design writing cases, notebooks and pencil cases according to your taste. You can choose between a notebook that you can print all over with your own photo or design, or a notebook that you only design something for the front. The notebooks are available in hardcover and softcover as well as in A5 format. You can choose from different designs such as flowers, a flamingo or cats. Or you can upload your own photo to have it printed on the notebook.

Personalized lunch box, personalized drinking bottle and water bottle
During your break time, it's time for lunch, which you packed yourself in your personalized lunch box, lunch case or water bottle. In our range you will find lunch boxes that you can add your own name to. Very practical if you have several school children at home who have the same favorite color. Then you will immediately know which lunch box belongs to whom. It is also practical for the educators in the kindergarten, as they always know immediately who owns which lunch box. Drinking bottles are also available in different colors, shapes and sizes. For example, there is the well-known standard cup in 300 ml, which you can personalize with your own photo. For the little ones there is a cute children's drinking bottle with an aluminum inside so that the drink stays nice and cool. You can choose between the design and have a photo printed on the mug.

Personalized backpacks
Whether you're about to study or you're looking for a backpack for your kids, we at have the perfect personalized backpack for you. Each backpack is created with love according to your needs and desires for customization.
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