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Custom / personalized decompression rubik's cube magic cube with your photos, pictures, patterns or text

Despite the name "Rubik's Cube", the cube is definitely not for friends of the classic dice game. The luck factor is 0, it all depends on the right strategy. A lot has been written, researched and even robotic solutions built. But fun is not neglected either, because many Cube fans not only enjoy solving the Rubik's Cube, but also constructing certain patterns or, for example, finding the most elegant solution. But it doesn't always have to be 6 different pictures! If you have to move quickly, because Christmas is just around the corner, or if there is just this one favorite photo, you can get a great result with us with just one photo. Then we put a color filter with the classic colors over the picture on all 6 sides. This may even be the best solution, especially for beginners. In this case, you need less than 5 minutes from clicking on "Design your game" to placing your order.

Quality is important to us. If your gift is well received, then your personalized photo cube will hopefully be touched and moved regularly. And Rubik's Cubes are small mechanical marvels, inside which you can do a lot wrong if you are not careful. The printing is done directly on the cube, we do not use any stickers that could peel off or are not stuck on exactly. And our pressure can take a lot. And should you still have reason to complain, please send us an email to our support address. We take our quality standards seriously.

Rubik's cube from can totally personalised by yourself, you can customized your rubik's cube as you like, we will product rubik's cube as you designed.

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