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Custom / personalized decoration cotton polyester pillows soft and comfortable with your photos, patterns, pictures, logos or text

Print your personal photo pillow: Design your own pillow with your own photo / text in different colors. Breathable and velvety cushion print (100% cotton). Have pillows printed online now and give them away with the highest cuddle factor.

Hardly any gift idea comes closer to personal cuddling than a printed pillow with your own photo and a message of love. Even if you can't be with your dearest sweetheart, he doesn't have to do without you. The printed pillow case with your own photo meets all the requirements for a cuddly pillow on which you really want to fall asleep.

Thanks to the breathable, velvety direct print and the material quality made of 100% cotton, you ensure that your cuddly pillow with photo can also be used daily or nightly. We print pillows as pillows for you using a professional textile printing process. The industrial textile printing standard ensures a high quality and durable product.

Pillows from can totally personalised by yourself, you can customized your pillows as you like, we will product pillows as you designed.

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