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Custom / personalized small jewelry box organizer & makeup storange for women with your photos, pictures, patterns, logos or text

While we totally agree that it’s much better to wear your fine jewelry as often as possible rather than keep it tucked away only to be worn on special occasions, there are times when you simply shouldn’t wear it, such as in a swimming pool where chlorine can cause damage, or in very cold weather, which can cause your fingers to shrink and make it easier for your rings to slip off, or while gardening where abrasive rocks and dirt can scratch jewelry, or even when your performing strenuous activity that can cause you to sweat, which can also damage jewelry, especially sterling silver.

During those times, it’s best to take your jewelry off and store it in a safe place. Hopefully, you have a jewelry box for that purpose. Jewelry boxes, which are usually bought based solely on how they look, should also be able to protect your jewelry from damage; they should both flatter your jewelry and protect it. In our online shop there have many jewelry box provide to you to choose from, please visit start your shopping travel.

Jewelry box from can totally personalised by yourself, you can customized your jewelry box as you like, we will product jewelry box as you designed.

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