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Custom design and print personalized unique thoutful gifts for kids of every age with your own name, photo, text or pattern

"Another fire truck?" "I already have that doll!" If you've heard such sentences before and lost track of the almost endless selection of children's gifts, then you've come to the right place: Our personalized gifts for kids are guaranteed to be unique. You can design all motifs with names and many with photos of the little adventurers. Of course, primarily with photos of the child itself, because kids are incredibly proud of things that have a photo of them on them. Photos with children together with their "best friend" are also popular - these can be children of the same age, but also dad, grandpa or big sister. The family dog or favorite horse are also popular photo motifs for our children's gifts.

Photos that remind the little ones of special experiences, such as a pirate birthday, a ride in the fire engine or a visit to the petting zoo, are particularly great. Our gifts for girls and boys are generally suitable for all ages. Smaller children in particular are totally fascinated when they recognize themselves on a toy or object. For kindergarten kids, gifts should definitely be given with their own photos and not just with text motifs, since the little ones cannot read yet and the surprise effect is therefore not that great. Our gifts with names are also great for elementary school children - they can also be designed quickly and easily if you don't have any photos to hand.

Another tip: You are more likely to make small children happy with gifts that they can play with and occupy themselves with (e.g. Rubik's Cube or the puzzle). Older school children, on the other hand, are also proud of objects that they can use in everyday life, for example a photo mug or a placemat. Our personalized gift ideas for children are perfect as a small present in between. In addition to the popular gift-giving occasions, such as birthdays, Christmas, Easter. There are always events in a child's life that can be honored with a small gift. The first lost milk tooth, the first day of school, the awarding of certificates or when a little sibling is born - on all these occasions children are happy about small gifts. Our small gifts for boys and girls are often used as consolation or reward gifts.
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