Why You Should Consider Selling Customized Products

The smartest business owners know that the only way to consistently beat the competition is by offering more value to customers.

However, if everyone in my industry is selling the same products, at the same price, how can I stay competitive? The answer: Create memorable experiences.

If you’re looking for a unique way to offer value to consumers, customized products can be a powerful, engaging tool that improves customer satisfaction and drives up conversions in the process.

What Are Customized Products?
Customized products exist as a way for consumers to customize their purchases and walk away with a unique brand experience.

Examples include:

Nissan letting consumers design their own cars, right down to the engine color
Lenovo allowing customers to build their own custom laptops
Build-A-Bear Workshop focusing on unique customization from the ground up
These examples showcase the importance of offering customization and customization.

The concept of customization was designed just a few decades ago to promote exclusivity. Customized products were a status symbol, a vehicle to make consumers with massive budgets feel special.