A bucket hat is a style most recognise and appreciate immediately. Trendy, unique and perennially “cool” in their appearance, they date back decades. They have remained a fashion staple for so long because they are flattering to almost anyone who wears the style, but also because they convey a sense of stylishness that many other hats fail to.

If you are looking for the ultimate in fun, fashionable, and functional promotional goods, a branded bucket hat may be the ideal. It offers a lot of eye and sun protection, and shields the face and neck of a wearer, but does so in a colourful way. Choose from plain styles with embroidered or screened with a logo or brand, or go for a wildly colourful style that features your company colours and image. You might also select options with coordinating trim and grommets, and more; the point is that whatever option in bucket hats you choose, you are sure to send out the ideal message of style, usefulness, and “cool.”

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