What Your Swim Trunks Say About You

Every person is attracted to different colors, patterns, and styles. Everything that you enjoy can actually be linked to your personality! Of course, the descriptions aren't always completely accurate, but they can be scarily correct sometimes! Today, Dysdyl.com is going to try to guess your personality based on the type of swim trunks you wear! Let us know if we get it right!

Designer Swimwear
If you wear designer swimwear, you are serious about fashion and the beach. You want to turn heads and have strangers approach you to let you know that they love your swim trunks. You know how to enjoy the finer things in life, and you understand that a higher price often comes with higher quality. You need the best of the best when it comes to swimwear because you're at the water every chance you get! You may be at a beach or a pool, but you want to look incredible in and out of the water. Your designer swim trunks may have been a "treat yourself" purchase, a gift, or just because. Whatever the reason for buying, you walk around in your swim trunks feeling confident and looking amazing. With a taste like yours, everyone will want to be your friend!

Bold Patterns
Do you reach for swim trunks featuring bold patterns and fun designs? If so, you're in great company. Swim trunks are one item of men's clothing that is celebrated for being unique, in your face, and out there. People who enjoy bold patterns are often outgoing and can make any situation fun. These people are the best beach partners because there will never be a dull moment! Do you prefer geometric designs with harsh angles? You're probably more analytical and practical than you are spontaneous. If you prefer more rounded shapes, you're likely easygoing and don't mind changing plans at the last minute. For those who love to mix patterns, you're unapologetically yourself and you can go with the flow based on the situation and the people you're with.

Bright Colors
Bright colors make everything more fun and exciting! If you reach for swim trunks that can be seen from a mile down the beach, you're fun and exciting yourself! You probably have an upbeat personality and you love to joke around with your friends. You aren't afraid of drawing attention to yourself, and you never hesitate to flash your megawatt smile at complete strangers! You might be a creative or artistic person who works with colors on a daily basis. You're the friend in the group that everyone turns to for some cheering up and you have them laughing even through the worst times. Summer is likely your favorite season and you can't get enough of sunshine and warm weather!

Muted And Chic
Of course, bright colors and bold patterns aren't for everyone. You can't go wrong with a classic black swim trunk or some small patterns. More muted swimwear is typically popular among more introverted guys and those who are known to get inside their head. You're a thinker and a problem solver. Most men who choose muted swim trunks are also great with fashion and can make any outfit look incredible. You like the ease of dressing your swim trunks up or down based on what you pair with it, and you don't have time to match a shirt to outrageous colors. If muted is more your style, you may also be the "cool guy" of the group, known for your charm, humor, wit, and style. You're a realist who enjoys the finer things in life but who isn't afraid to work to get what he wants.

Did we nail down your personality? If you have a bunch of different swim trunks that you cycle through, you're probably a hybrid of all the categories you fit in. We offer many styles and colors to choose from to fit your personality to a T. We guarantee a perfect fit and all-day comfort or your money back. Shop for your first pair (or two or three!) at www.dysdyl.com.