What’s The Most Comfortable Underwear For Women?

One of the best things about women’s clothing is the sheer range of choice. There are skirts, dresses, pants, shorts, skorts, crop tops… you get it. However, that wide range of choice is also one of the worst things about trying to shop for women’s clothing — how are you supposed to choose just one when there are so many options?

This is the biggest issue when it comes to choosing women’s underwear. More than anything, you want your underwear to be comfortable, but with so many different styles on the market, how do you know which type is the most comfortable? Unfortunately, that’s a difficult question, there is no one type of women’s underwear that is more comfortable than all the rest — though there are some that are noticeably less comfortable — simply because every woman has a different opinion.

Here are the 5 most popular styles of women’s underwear listed by Dysdyl.com, subjectively ranked from the least to most comfortable. Where does your favorite rank?

G-String Women’s Underwear
At the very bottom of our list — pun intended — is none other than the g-string. The g-string is the tiniest of creations, reminiscent of a threadbare thong. This style of women’s underwear features only a small bit of fabric in front to cover your genitals, and the rest is made of an elastic, well, string. G-strings are popular in sexy, lingerie styles, which are usually designed to be taken off. This is the g-string’s best use, as those tiny strings are not comfortable, provide little support, and tend to slide around — overall, they are the worst women’s underwear for everyday, and should be saved for the bedroom.

Women’s Boyshort Underwear
It may be surprising to see boyshorts close to the bottom of the list, considering that they are full-coverage and rather comfortable as a result. However, they are here for one major reason: boyshorts are absolutely terrible to wear under pants for an extended period of time. Unlike longer styles, like the women’s boxer, women’s boyshort underwear has a hem that stops right at the top of the leg. This unfortunate hem placement means that they roll up each time you take a step, becoming bunched and uncomfortable, and you will have to stop frequently to pull them back down.

Women’s High Rise Brief Underwear/Shapewear
High rise briefs are the style that originated the term “granny panties”. Nowadays, this full-coverage style has gotten an update, and many manufacturers make them in cute, colorful, and lacy styles. However, in order to stay in place, high rise women’s briefs are made using large percentages of nylon and spandex, and many are marketed as shapewear. High rise shapewear is great for special occasions, like worn under a nice gown to look best in photos, but having your internal organs being squished every day is simply not comfortable, nor is it healthy in the long run. High rise briefs and shapewear are perfectly fine, but give your body a break — don’t wear them every day.

Women’s Boxer Underwear
The longer cousin of the women’s boyshort, the women’s boxer rights all the wrongs of the boyshort. These function more like men’s boxer briefs, with a hem that extends around mid-thigh. This extra length gives the underwear more staying power and prevents any uncomfortable rolling or bunching and is still full-coverage. Plus, women’s boxers are great to wear under dresses or skirts, as they are short enough not to peek out, but long and full-coverage enough to prevent any embarrassing wardrobe malfunctions. That being said, they are best worn under loose clothing, since they can be uncomfortable underneath tight pants (like leggings) due to their high fabric content.

Women’s Thong Underwear
Thongs hit this close to the top of our most comfortable list with one stipulation: it depends on the type of thong. Women’s thongs are one of the most polarizing types of underwear — some women simply hate the feeling. However, thongs are a useful tool in your wardrobe arsenal, as their super-cheeky style is best worn to prevent panty lines. Seamless, cotton, and poly-blend thongs can be very comfortable, provided that they fit correctly. Meanwhile, if the thong is made of itchy, lacy fabrics, or is fitted incorrectly, they can be very uncomfortable, pinching or sliding about. If you aren’t a fan of women’s thong underwear, you may not have found the perfect thong for you… yet!