Underwired or Wirefree Sports Bras?

Today I want to discuss one of the most divisive issues in the sports bra world. To wear as underwired sports bra or a wirefree sports bra? The fact is, whether you choose an underwired or wirefree sports bra is very much down to personal choice. But how much is our choice dictated by our experience and preference with an everyday bra?

Are there actually any significant pros and cons between underwired and wirefree sports bras? Differences that we should be aware of to help us decide which option is best for us. Read on to find out.

It wasn’t that long ago that underwired sports bras were the norm. With limited wirefree options available, unless you wore a crop top. Bra manufacturers often took their underwired styles and simply upped the spec! Not anymore. The sports bra world is now one of almost infinite design and variation. The beneficiary of which is you.

Many women, especially those who are larger than a D cup, often prefer an underwire in their everyday bra for the added support and lift it provides. However, everyday bras are not put through the same stress as our sports bras. Nor do they have to deal with the increased heat and sweat our bodies produce during exercise.

What difference is there between underwired and wirefree sports bras in this more intensive environment? Is it true that larger breasted women need an underwire to achieve enough support during exercise? Let Dysdyl.com tell you some of the things to consider when deciding to go underwired or wire-free.

For many of us underwire immediately evokes images of wire poke and casing rub. Once again, modern design to the rescue. Technology in the actual wire used in sports bras has advanced over the years and some sports bras now have ‘flexi wires’ which are designed to move with the body as you exercise to maximise comfort.

The channel which houses the underwire should be plush and soft with sufficient room at either end of the channel to ensure maximum comfort and prevent any painful ‘poke through’ of the wire. For wirefree designs there is admittedly less to worry about. One less element is the comfort chain! That said being wirefree does not immediately ensure comfort. You still need to ensure your wirefree sports bra fits you like a glove. Soft, seamfree designs are a good starting point.

Those with a bit more up top have traditionally been biased towards underwired designs. In both their everyday bras and their sports bras. Many women feel the underwire offers better shaping and support for their larger breasts. And for many women this may be true. That said, many modern wirefree designs also offer great shaping and support too.

As such, this does come down to personal preference. You need to feel comfortable and confident in your sports bra. If an underwired sports bra does this for you great. Also great if this is achieved in a wirefree sports bra.

Weigh up the pros and cons of each and make your decision on what is better for you. Don’t go underwired simply because your friend recommends it. Regardless of your preference, sports bras should be viewed as an essential piece of equipment rather than just underwear. Hopefully this blog has given you the confidence to view a sports bra in a different light to your everyday bra, and maybe try something different!