Types of Underwear Styles For Women

Not to be dramatic, but your underwear is probably one the most important items in your wardrobe. The foundation of every outfit, the right pair can boost your confidence, and your comfort. But one style doesn’t always fit every occasion.

A guide to the 7 essential underwear styles that you need in your top drawer. Introducing the thong, bikini, hipster, high brief, mid-rise, cheeky, and boyshort underwear styles. Whether you love the freedom of a thong or the full coverage of a high brief, here’s a breakdown of the seven different underwear styles you need in your top drawer and what outfits they’re best for. Let Dysdyl.com introduce for you.

1. Thong Underwear
Best for: Underneath tight dresses and fitted pants.
Don’t want your underwear to show? You probably already know you should reach for a thong. With zero coverage on your butt and minimal coverage on your hips, a thong provides a seamless and VPL-free look.

2. Bikini Underwear
Best for: Jeans, skirts, dresses, you name it!
Like your favorite bikini swimsuit, bikini-cut underwear typically has a lower rise on the hip and a higher cut on the legs, while still offering plenty of coverage on your backside. One of the most popular underwear styles, bikinis pair well with nearly every outfit.

3. Cheeky Underwear
Best for: Whenever you’re feeling cheeky!
Cheeky underwear offer more coverage than a thong, but less than a bikini, revealing a little more of your…cheeks. More flirty and playful than your typical bikini cut, cheekies are still a great everyday option.

4. Hipster Underwear
Best for: Low rise bottoms.
Halfway between a boyshort and a bikini, hipsters have a bit more coverage on the leg-line than a bikini cut, but still sit a few inches below your natural waistline. If you love wearing low rise pants and jeans, hipsters are pretty perfect, minimizing the risk of accidentally exposing your underwear.

5. High Brief Underwear
Best for: High waisted bottoms or any time you want to feel more secure.
Designed for full coverage with slimming lines, high briefs are great when you want a little added support or an extra comfortable barrier between you and your high waisted pants. Sure, some may refer to these as “granny panties,” but we’ve been seeing (and making) this high coverage cut in tons of modern colors and fabrics.

6. Mid-Rise Underwear
Best for: Mid-rise pants and skirts.
With more coverage than a hipster, but less than a high brief, mid-rise bottoms barely graze your navel for a comfortable, mid-coverage fit. Designed for daily wear, this style works especially well under mid-rise pants.

7. Boyshorts
Best for: Loungewear and flashing-prone outfits.
For a full coverage brief that’s between a base layer and loungewear, the boyshort is a versatile piece that can function as well under clothing as it can on its own. Perfect for a night in, or as an insurance policy on a breezy day, the boyshort has you covered, literally.

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