Types of Bikinis That You Should Know

Hey, Mama. For those of you more comfortable in a two-piece, regardless of age, size, or the state of your stomach…we salute you. Below you can find our favorite bikinis from Dysdyl.com. No matching necessary.

String Bikinis
If we had to choose ONE bikini that looks good on all body types, it’s the String bikini. Just ask, uh, everyone on the Barcelona beaches, ages from 10 – 99. They’re all rocking their string bikinis. These sexy little suits are fully adjustable, and nothing if not a total and complete celebration of the female form.

Stay-Put Bikini Tops
These bikini tops have something to keep them in place – either the straps cross in the back, they have a cool racer-back detail, or the fit is almost like a sports bra, so you can surf and swim without fear.

High Neck Bikinis
This style of bikini is perfect on-trend….and immensely practical. Pick-up kids, build sandcastles, and play with little fear of wardrobe malfunction.

Bikinis With Sleeves
Truth be told, we’re not completely sure what to do with this trend (can you actually move your arms??)…but it was too major of a trend to ignore. If you’ve tried this trend out, let us know!