Wear your heart on your sleeve and your sassiness on a tote bag. We’re obsessed with the new Canvas Tote, so we had a little fun using text and backgrounds to customize these fabulously functional bags.

Bring it. Sunscreen? Bring it. Fruit snacks? Bring it. Crazy life curveball? BRING IT.

It’s a jungle in here. Receipts and quarters and crumbs, oh my! Be careful when reaching into the dark depths of your bag…you never know what your fingers might brush up against when trying to show off your 8×8 Softcover Photo Book.

All the things. Adapted from the popular internet hyperbolethat celebrates/laments everyday tasks, this bag will indeed hold every last anything for anywhere. (Does not fit kitchen sink.)

#Swag. Attend a convention or fair or open house and there WILL be free pencils and pins and postcards until all of a sudden you don’t have any more hands for the free water bottles, lanyards, or Frisbees. Enter the swag bag, short for “swagger,” the kind of slow, lopsided gait you assume when being weighed down by All The Things.

Mostly bobby pins and hair ties. Truth.