Tips for wearing mens boardshorts in style

Looking for the perfect pair of men board shorts this summer? Here are our best tips to look great at the pool or the beach! Let tell you.

Tip #1: be careful when it comes to men board shorts length.
Gentlemen, let’s be clear here, long board shorts (ie, that go beyond the knee) are out of fashion! Leave the long ones to the surf brands and young kids at the beach. Also out of fashion are short, athletic, leave-nothing-to-the-imagination types of mens swimwear! That’s why we make men boardshorts to cut above the knee – not to long, not too short.

Tip #2: Choose the color wisely.
There are no hard and fast rules when it comes to choosing mens board shorts color. The basic rule is the lighter your skin tone, the darker the shorts need to be. Clearly if you are pale gentlemen, yellow or white-based swimwear is going to look bad! Leave the light colours to those with more of a tan who can pull it off. If your skin tone is on the light side, opt for darker base colours like blue or black. You also need to think about how the boardshorts length is going to go with your current t-shirt collection. Are all your t-shirts blue in color? If so, choosing a blue pair of men boardshorts is going to be too matchy-matchy. You need to pull off a contrast, so chose another colour that is going to go with all those blue t-shirts you have been buying (perhaps black or grey?). White t-shirts can match with anything!

Tip 3: It’s all about the pockets.
If you want to wear those men board shorts straight from the beach to the bar, you are going to need to ensure you have a place for a phone and wallet. Mens swimwear is notorious for having no pockets or pockets that are too small. At we spent a lot of time ensuring that each of our three pockets fit the bill. Our shorts come with pockets at each side which are deep enough to hold the phone, and a great rear pocket perfect for a wallet. Pay attention to the pockets gents or end up carrying too many things to the beach!

Tip 4: Wear them with confidence.
No matter what you end up wearing to the beach or pool this summer, wear it with confidence. Feel proud of your body, hold your chin up, chest out and own it. There is no point in spending time fussing about the length of your swimmers unless you end up wearing them with the confidence. So gents, there you have it, our top tips for choosing mens board shorts. Go forth and have a great summer!!