You may have noticed that we love personalized products at That’s why we’re always on the hunt for new ways for you to pair your favorite photos with fun designs. This week we’re excited to tell you about two new additions to our product lineup — stone trivets and stone heart trivets! Read on to see why you’ll love these hardworking household essentials.

Too Hot To Handle

Trivets are designed to protect your kitchen countertops against heat damage from pots, pans, and serving dishes. However, not all trivets are made equal. Some types of trivets, such as glass, ceramic, or metal, can withstand heat but will eventually get hot themselves. Because of this, people have turned to using other materials to protect their surfaces. 

That’s why you’ll love both our custom stone trivets!  Our circular trivet is made from soapstone and our heart-shaped trivet is made from sandstone. They’re both super durable and can easily withstand hot temperatures.

Cool + Custom 

Just because something is practical doesn’t mean it can’t have personality, too! You can customize any of our stone trivets to match the style of your kitchen’s aesthetic. Our in-house design team has been hard at work creating elegant monograms, custom layouts, and fun foodie designs for your trivet. You can also keep it simple and add a single photo. Popular images that never go out of style are family + pet portraits. You can also create seasonal and holiday-themed trivets you can easily switch out when the time is right.

Once you’re in our project builder, you’ll see how easy it is to add a favorite photo, special dates + sentiments, or pick one of our exclusive designs. 

How to Use

Our custom stone trivets are made for the kitchen, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t handy in other areas of the house. Your coffee, dining room, or entryway table could all benefit from having a trivet around. Anywhere you’re entertaining guests, really! We’ve seen photo trivets used underneath pitchers, punchbowls, plant pots, or even a place to put your keys. No matter where you end up using them, they’re sure to be a great conversation piece. Don’t forget to coordinate with other tableware products like placemats, coasters, cutting boards, and more!

How will you end up using your personalized stone trivets?