Things Your Sports Bra Should Do

If you exercise you’ll appreciate all your sports bra does to keep you comfortable and supported. And if you don’t then perhaps it is not doing everything you expect it to do. What outwardly appears to be a pretty simple piece of clothing can actually be pretty complicated considering all the elements it can have to have it performing as expected.

The options are pretty much endless; underwired, wirefree, hi-tech breathable materials, stretchy fabrics, racerback straps, pullover, zip fronts, mesh panels, etc, etc….arghhhh. The list is almost endless. But not all sports bras are created equal. And not all do the jobs as well as you expect them to do. So what should your sports bra be doing to ensure perfect comfort, support and fit? Let tell you.

Your Sports Bra Should Decrease Bounce.
This is the primary function of a sports bra and the reason we buy them. If they are not decreasing bounce they are not doing their job and it’s time to get a new one. Most brands advertise the level of bounce control as a percentage. A good sports bra should decrease bounce by at least half with many styles offering a lot more (some up to 92%!). These figures are only a guideline and nothing compares to your own bounce test. So do some bur-pees or simply jump up and down on the spot. If your girls only move a little bit then you are one step closer to finding your winner.

Your Sports Bra Should be Comfortably Tight (and supportive)
This doesn’t mean it should feel tight, if it does it is most likely the wrong size. To provide the support you need some tightness is required to keep everything in place. But it should not be breathlessly tight. The band is the key to support and should be ‘comfortably tight’ with the rest of the bra following suit. You will also find that this tightness also reduces bra movement and possible chaffing. If this is the case for your bra then that is another tick.

Your Sports Bra Should be Comfortable.
Size and fit is the key here, even the best sports bras can feel uncomfortable if you’re wearing the wrong size. If it is too small it will feel uncomfortable and if it is too big you will bounce all over the place and we all know that is definitely not comfortable. So take the time to measure yourself correctly to ensure the most perfect size for you.

You may also know what other features you traditionally find comfortable in a bra so look for these when getting a new one. Do you like underwired or wirefree? Do you like regular back or racerback? Is the bra made from soft, breathable materials? This said sports bra technology is continually improving so don’t be afraid to try something new in your search for comfort.

Your Sports Bra Should be Light
This follows up somewhat from the above. Light = comfortable. A great sports bra does its job without you even knowing you are wearing it and the lightness of the bra goes a long way to achieving this. Nothing will distract you more from your workout that a poor fitting bulky sports bra. So look for a bra made from lightweight materials that wick sweat away from your skin helping to keep you both cool and comfortable.

Your Sports Bra Should Feel Good
Pretty simple really, you know you’re onto a winner when you put it on and it feels good, even better when it still feels good after your workout.

But even after you have found a winner that is not the end of it you need to care for it and check it regularly for signs of wear and tear. The material will stretch and droop over time or perhaps a wire will pop out or maybe it simply feels well worn and when you put it on it no longer feels good. As they say a sports bra should never have a birthday so chances are it is time to go shopping! Check out our range of Sports Bras.