Just like clothing trends, jewelry trends are always coming, going and evolving. This year, have got our eye on 4 of the freshest jewelry trends straight off the runway.

1. Big Hearts
We couldn’t be happier that fashion influencers and major designers, Instagram stars and celebrities are all deciding to wear their hearts on their sleeve – or around their necks and earlobes. This ‘80s inspired 2022 jewelry trend of larger-than-life heart jewelry is showing up in metals, colored enamel, and stones. To express your boundless love in a more minimalist everyday style, we offer heart charm necklaces that can be customizable.

2. Stacked Rings
Perfect jewelry styling isn’t just about what you wear, it’s also about how you wear it. In a fashion era driven by boho chic, the most creative of fashionistas have embraced the art of stacking. Start with your hands, which make the perfect canvasses for style expression through rings. While thin rings are the easiest to stack, you can also go bold and embody this 2022 jewelry trend by mixing in large, statement rings with your subtle pieces.

3. Layered Necklaces
Stacked rings aren’t the only 2022 jewelry trend that’s all about mixing and matching. Layered necklaces have been in fashion for a while now, and we don’t think this trend is going anywhere this year. Get this 2022 jewelry trend by starting with a dainty layering chain or a name necklace and then a longer necklace that holds multiple charms and stones.

4. Asymmetrical Earrings
Who said earrings have to match? Trendsetting celebrities such as Emma Watson, Gwyneth Paltrow and Meghan Markle have all worn asymmetrical earrings in recent years. It’s also all over the runway. By wearing asymmetrical earrings, you get to show off more of your collection AND more of your unique creative touch. Try wearing an initial in one lobe and juxtaposing it with a diamond stud in the other.

Explore The Intersection Of Trends And Keepsakes
When you build your jewelry collection, chances are you won’t base your decisions solely on ephemeral trends. Still it’s fun to incorporate some of-the-moment looks with your timeless piees. We design our subtle statement-making jewelry with that in mind. Wear 2022 jewelry trends while also telling your personal story with our personalized collection.