The general type of seamless sportswear

Let tell you the general type of seamless sportswear.

1. Easy to fix
The seamless sportswear is fixed by a layer of elastic mesh fabric, the structure is simple, there is basically no design for the human body structure, the appearance is similar and small and cute, it rarely exists in an independent manner, mostly with sports vests, suspenders, etc. coexist.

2. Pressure fixing
A wide variety of seamless sportswear is used, most of which are used in sports underwear. The same mainly relies on the elasticity of the fabric to form pressure on the chest to achieve the purpose of fixation. The difference is that it will fully consider the breast shape, structure, force applied to the shoulders, back force and other factors in the tailoring, so as to maintain relative comfort while maintaining good stability.

3. Compound structure.
In addition to the structure contained in Type 2, the seamless sportswear has a strong fixed pattern. Generally, there is a special steel support, which can be well supported and supported, and the strength of the fabric is greater.