Bucket hats appear to be super popular with large high street retailers right now. Fashion savvy experts appear to predict lots of bucket hat sales throughout the summer months. We know this due to the increase in orders from the high street retailers.

A simplistic design, this hat style is commonly referred to as the bucket hat because of the wide downward facing brim. They are mostly an unstructured lightweight hat that keeps the sun off of your head, and they are easy to store in bags or even pockets.

Origins of the bucket hat
This style of hat emerged in the early 1900s as a way for British and Irish farmers and hunters to protect themselves against the rain when working. The simplistic functionality of the hat allows for it to protect the wearer from the sun and the elements, making it a well-suited hat for all seasons. In the 60s, it was adopted as a fashion item and has flipped in and out of style ever since. Whilst it can be considered as a ‘love-hate’ product by some, there’s no denying its credible century-long heritage.

A trending item?
A GQ article discusses how the bucket hat is back in style; ‘there have been a handful of notable adopters this year, and they’ve made the accessory look more than redeemable—and even great—whether on the runway, at Fashion Week, or in the real world.’

Potential Branding options
Popular fabrics such as PU leather, cotton, satin, corduroy and more are all available when choosing this style. All over sublimation and woven badges could perfectly compliment the large branding area available on this style of hat. In terms of colour options you can go as bold or as understated as you wish, and brands will produce versions at either end of the spectrum.

A final thought
Whilst not for everyone, the bucket hat is poised to be a killer trend this summer, particularly appealing to festival goers and anyone looking to protect themselves at outdoor events. In terms of the options we can offer, it is exclusively part of our bespoke service which means virtually anything is possible!

With this potentially promising fashion resurgence, will the bucket hat transcend successfully into the promotional industry? Only time will tell. If you want to make it happen, contact the to run through the options.