The Best Women’s Underwear For Every Type Of Summer Outfit

Thankfully, winter has long since said goodbye and we have welcomed the sunny heat of summer. The temperatures are rising… but so are the hemlines! While the colder months provide a sense of stability — after all, there is little chance that anyone could even see a glimpse of a panty line under three layers of pants — warmer weather brings tighter clothes with shorter hemlines. Though it is a great feeling when you can finally free your legs from the confines of bulky winter wear, you now have to worry about keeping yourself covered and prevent any (ahem) mishaps.

That being said, you can’t exactly slap on a pair of shorts under every outfit. If you are anything like us, your summer wardrobe is diverse, so you need to have the undergarments to match. Each pair of women’s underwear has its own purpose and each type performs best under certain outfits. At, we are all about the perfect pair. Here are the best women’s underwear for every type of summer outfit.

Best for Flowy Sundresses — Women’s Boy Short Underwear
Nothing screams “summer” quite like a sundress. Both demure and sexy, a sundress is appropriate for nearly every occasion once the weather gets hot since they allow for superior levels of airflow — no need to worry about your clothes uncomfortably sticking to you due to sweat! However, the light, flowy nature of a sundress means that you are at a much higher risk of exposing your back side (or front side) when the wind kicks up. To prevent any indecent exposure, we recommend wearing women’s boy short underwear under your sundress. Boy shorts are flexible and breathable while still offering the wearer full coverage, meaning that you can wear your sundress without fear.

Best for Pleated Mini Skirts/Skorts — Women’s Classic Briefs Underwear
Skorts are truly the best of both worlds, offering the wearer the flirty, girlishness of a skirt and the comfort and coverage of a pair of shorts! Since you don’t need to worry about accidentally exposing yourself when wearing a skirt, you can lean fully into being comfortable. For that reason, women’s classic briefs are the best choice for skorts, but not athletic skorts, which are usually shorter and require a lot of movement.

Best for Tennis Skirts and Athletic Shorts — Women’s Thong Underwear
Even though tennis skirts are technically skorts, they are usually made of far tighter and thinner material. When wearing tight activewear, you do not want your underwear to impede your movement, but you also do not want to sport any unsightly panty lines. To prevent these things from happening, wearing women’s thong underwear is the way to go — bonus points if they are constructed using moisture-wicking synthetic materials!

Best for Tight Bodycon Dresses — Women’s Seamless Briefs or Thong Underwear
Tight bodycon dresses ooze sex appeal, delicately accentuating every curve. However, these thin dresses also accentuate the things that you don’t want people to see, namely: panty lines. This is why women’s seamless underwear is the best undergarment choice for body conforming dresses, but since it comes in so many shapes and sizes, you have a number of choices to decide between. If you want a little more coverage for your rear, try seamless boy shorts. For those who want their waist to look snatched, try seamless tummy control briefs. If you want the most seamless experience and want to show off your body in all its glory, women’s seamless thong underwear is by far the best choice.

Haven’t found the perfect style of women’s underwear for your favorite summer outfit? At, we know that your wardrobe is as unique as you are. If you are still searching for the perfect pair of women’s underwear, it might be time to consider creating it yourself. If you are tired of searching the stacks for the underwear of your dreams, contact us at We’ll help you every step of the way, with superior customer service and a plethora of customization options. Contact us today!