Are you looking for the best swag Christmas gifts? With the holidays right around the corner, it’s the perfect time to start thinking about what you’ll give your employees for swag.

Today, employers have more options than ever when it comes to swag gifts, but some are still better than others. Here are some of the best swag ideas for Christmas this year.

How To Choose The Best Swag Christmas Gift

Choosing the best swag Christmas gift isn’t easy. There are several things to consider, including:

  • Your company culture
  • Your budget
  • The lifestyles of your team members
  • Your values and mission as a company

When choosing swag, it’s always essential to make sure that the items are aligned with your company’s voice, mission and values.

Top Christmas Swag Ideas

While there are many swag ideas for the holidays, some of the top options for employers are:

Custom Christmas Socks

Are you looking for Christmas gifts for office parties? Custom socks are a great choice. Who doesn’t love a pair of comfortable, warm socks? Customizing your socks with your company logo and a fun design will help you promote your brand while giving employees something they’ll love.

Custom socks are a fun gift, but they also help you build a sense of community within the company. Employees will feel appreciated, too. Remote employees often struggle with feelings of isolation and loneliness. Custom socks will also make them feel like they are part of the group, creating an overall more inclusive workplace.

Choose festive colors and designs for your Christmas socks to celebrate the occasion. Better yet, let your employees choose their own socks.

Water Bottles

Staying hydrated is important for your health, but it also helps you stay focused and productive. That’s why water bottles make great Christmas gifts for office teams.

Custom branded water bottles encourage your team members to stay hydrated while working, but they also help build inclusiveness and brand awareness. Your water bottle design won’t be found anywhere else, so employees will view them as a high-value, exclusive gift.


Mugs are a go-to swag gift for Christmas. They can easily be customized and will be used often by your employees.

There are so many mug styles and colors to choose from, so go with something beyond the simple plain white mug design.

For example, if your team members are big coffee drinkers, choose a larger mug that can hold more coffee. Better yet, add a USB-powered mug warmer so that they can keep their drink hot all day.


Blankets are the perfect holiday swag gift. Now that colder weather is here, employees will get plenty of use out of your blanket. They also create a feeling of comfort and warmth that your team will love.

Look for blankets, and choose a color or design that everyone will appreciate. If you’re going to add your company name and logo, be tasteful about it. A small design at the corner of the blanket may be all that you need to get your point across.
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These are some of the best Xmas swag ideas for this holiday season. While you have many options here, one of the most economical and impactful choices is custom socks. If you’re looking for the best custom Christmas socks, visit to place your order today.