The Benefits of Custom Shoes

For many of us, we have been shoe shopping for as long as we can remember. The earliest memories often involve family outings where you each wait your turn to get properly sized and pick out a brand new pair of shoes. Depending on who you ask, shopping for shoes has always been a pleasurable experience, unless of course you're going with a pair of toddlers, that is!

However, we all know how awful it can be to buy a new pair of shoes just to have them fall apart a few months later, even after what is considered to be normal wear and tear. Selling shoes like that should be a crime! If you have had that experience, then you are certainly not alone! That is why we recommended custom, handmade shoes. Not only are they sure to be comfortable, but they are usually made with only the best materials so they are sure to last a lifetime! Here are some of the benefits of buying custom shoes from

Increased Comfort
Mass produced shoes are just that, produced for the masses. The increased comfort of buying custom shoes is so great that it needs to be mentioned twice! Custom made shoes are crafted specifically to fit your feet exactly, ensuring the perfect fit. Many people do not know the devastating effects that can come with wearing an improperly fitting shoe, some of which include permanent nerve damage.

You Can Modify the Design
We have all been shoe shopping before where we see a shoe that would be really great, if only it were in a different color or design. Well, with custom made shoes that is no longer a worry! If you see a shoe you like on a custom shoe website like ours, the sky's literally the limit. If you see a great pair of shoes but would prefer that it come in your favorite color or design, just go through our simple shoe customization process!

They Are 100% Yours
Have you ever gotten a great new pair of shoes just to show up at a major function wearing them to find that someone else has the exact same pair? Well, with shoes that you can grab just right off the shelf, the odds of that happening are actually pretty high. With custom shoes, however, they are 100% truly yours! You can be certain that no one else is going to have a pair just like them, guaranteed.

Better Quality
Mass made shoes are often made with cheap materials so that they can be offered at a cheaper price to maximize profits. This causes the shoes to break down quickly so that you have to go and buy another pair. With custom, handmade shoes you do not have to worry about the quality of the material as every detail of the shoe is constructed with only you in mind.

More Cost Effective
Though buying a cheap pair of shoes may initially seem like the better idea, as we have discussed, in the long run you end up spending more as you are constantly having to replace the broken down shoes with cheap materials. The higher quality custom shoes may be more expensive up front, they will end up lasting for years and years to come. In the long run, buying custom made shoes will actually end up saving you more money as you are not constantly replacing them after a few months of normal wear and tear.

Enhanced Foot Support
Since mass produced shoes are often made on a manufacturing line, oftentimes they are designed to fit a wide range of feet with as little variation as possible. As we all know, there is no one size fits all, especially when it comes to shoes. If you spend all day on your feet you may have noticed the lack of support that off-the-shelf shoes provide. When you have custom shoes made specifically for your feet, not only are they more comfortable but they offer more support for your feet which is great for those longer periods of standing or walking around.