he holidays are right around the corner and there’s so much to do! Buy the presents, mail the cards, plan the holiday meal, phew! It can be a little overwhelming trying to stay organized and on top of everything. However, we want you to celebrate the season, not stress over it. 
Make your holidays extra merry + bright with these handy tips and tricks. 
Make a list

Did you know the best way to remember something is by physically writing it down on paper? Plus, it’s always satisfying to cross off your shopping list as you go. We have some great personalized stationery and notebook options you can take with you on your shopping trips!

In-person shopping

If you plan on hitting up the stores this season, have a game plan for where to go and what to buy. Make sure you grab a newspaper to get all the latest ads and scour them for coupons and deals. If you’re a loyalty member at a store, don’t forget to bring your cards and key tags so you get your points and discounts! To keep from cluttering up your own set of keys, we recommend carrying a separate keychain to attach all your loyalty IDs and keep them in one spot. Don’t forget to bring your face mask, too! We have some new holiday designs to keep you in a festive mood. 

While out shopping, don’t forget to fuel up and hydrate! It’s tempting to just grab a quick snack while out, but there’s usually unhealthy options at the store. Make sure to pack your own and keep a reusable water bottle with you. Another great reusable product to have on hand are canvas totes and grocery totes! This will cutdown on plastic clutter and keep your holiday haul organized. 

Online shopping

With the ongoing pandemic, a lot of us have gotten used to shopping for everything online. You might as well stay cozy on your couch and grab those great deals! Definitely make sure you’re subscribed to your favorite store’s email or you have their mobile app on your device to get exclusive offers and early access to sales. To make the shopping experience even more comfy, make sure you have your favorite blankets + pillows close by, as well as your favorite coffee mug. An insulated wine cup with your beverage of choice is also a relaxing option!

Still undecided on what to gift? DIY gifts are always a thoughtful way to share some holiday cheer. Plus, you can enlist the help of kids for some quality family time. One idea we saw was making flavor-infused sugars. These gourmet sugars are a great way to elevate your desserts, cocktails, oatmeal, or your morning cup of coffee. All you need is some sugar, a few flavor ideas, a grinder, and a cute container to gift it in. It’s best to use dry ingredients versus moist to keep the sugar from clumping. We recommend dried herbs, spices, flowers, or fruits. Feel free to experiment with different flavor combinations too!

Last but not least, you’re going to need the perfect presentation for your gift. Everyone will be using store-bought gift wrap, so why not make your gift stand out with something unique? One ecofriendly idea is to use custom tea towels as gift wrap. Plus, it’s a 2-in-1 gift your recipient is sure to love! 

For smaller gifts that are hard to wrap, you can use these as stocking stuffers or gift toppers. Think keychains, luggage tags, or photo necklaces.
We hope you’ve found some great ways to make this season less stressful and more successful! If you end up using one of these ideas, we’d love to see!