Personalized Pencil Case For Back To School

This Personalized Pencil Case is as cute as it is functional. Help your child stand out this back to school season while keeping school supplies together in one place! Being a parent, we all know the importance of personalizing ALL OF THE THINGS for back-to-school. Everything has to have a name, word, or something handmade somewhere that will make it stand out and easily identified amongst the other 30 items that will otherwise appear to be exactly the same in the classroom.

If you don’t, you end up with a child crying because their item has gone missing in the first week and you have to go replace it. Already! As my kids get older though, they don’t really want their name splashed across everything, but how cute would this embroidered personalized pencil case be for an elementary student with their name on it?

Because all the fun font and color combinations are flooding through my mind and I want to make them in so many different options. Instead, I’m opting to hashtag everything or use acronyms that my kids would use.

I am pretty sure my daughter won’t end up using this case for pencils and classroom supplies though, but instead for her P.E. locker to put her hairbrush, lip balm, hair ties, sunscreen, and deodorant in.

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