My home office has a cute, but small (cheap) desk that I use quite a bit for blogging/studying and the table top shows it. It has areas where the paint is dented and even flaking off. Of course, I could sand it down and paint it, but that seems like too much work for a cheap, cheap desk. I decided to just cover it up instead until I find a thrift store desk to reinvent.

Has it ever happened to you that when you make a decision (that you think will be simple) and it turns out to be a major pain in the butt? Yeah. Story of my life.

Well, I thought I could just buy a desk pad. Ha! My desk is too skinny! It's only just over 15 inches from front to back and that made it impossible to find a commercial desk pad that would fit the space.totally surprised, right?!

While on a recent (and very important) mission to look for fabric, I noticed that Hobby Lobby sells vinyl by the foot and at that moment an idea was born. I could use the vinyl and create my own custom desk pad! It would be the EXACT size I wanted.

So, there I was, standing in the middle of, lovingly caressing this roll of vinyl, pondering my plans. In retrospect, I am pretty sure that I looked a little like Gollum caressing that ring because the lady who worked there was staring at me. My precious vinyl!!

So, I'm at with my new idea floating around in my head.

Pretty nice, right?!

Ideally, the decorative backing should peel off when you're bored of the pattern so you can replace it with any other design. But I think that's a long shot if you used wrapping paper. It's probably a bit more feasible with fabric. Good luck to you if you try!