Is Neon Still a Thing?

No, really, I am asking because I snatched this perfect one piece on a major sale and I ain’t mad about it.

I feel like bright colors always look best on my skin tone but I was never brave enough to wear it. Weird for me to even say that because I can easily wear a thong bikini but not neon?…

And, what I mean by that is that I used to associate neon colors with raves and parties. Being a mom of two, that’s not really me. Therefore, I thought I couldn’t pull it off.

This one-piece style is perfect if you are not 100% comfortable yet with your stomach since the skirt detail covers most.

The back is cheeky but I gave myself an extra wedgy to make it look even cheekier…that’s just how I like it.

If you haven’t snatched yourself one of you are missing out. This website is a MUST-HAVE in your bikini collection.