Is it Time to Replace Your Sports Bra?

Running is a simple sport. Don a pair of shoes and the all-important sports bra and you are away. Your worries are left behind as you head off along the beach or your favourite trail.

Most of us who run regularly, be it road running, playing netball or around the track regularly check the condition of our shoes. We keenly check the tread, laces and internals for signs of wear and tear. And are quick to head to the shop if things aren’t quite right.

But what about our sports bras? Do we treat them with the same love and respect? We should as in my opinion they are ae equally as important as our shoes to achieve peak performance in comfort. Nothing is going to slow you down more than old shoes and a stretched sports bra!

Unfortunately, for too many of us we ignore the warning signs. And keep persisting with our tired and worn-out sports bra well beyond its used by date. So, how can you tell if your sports bra is still up to the job? Read on this article posted by to find out how to tell if it is time to replace your sports bras or crop tops.

When Should Your Sports Bra be Replaced?
There is a rule of thumb in the sports bra world that a sports bra should never have a birthday. This means that no matter what you should replace your sports bras at a maximum of 12-month intervals.

Why, you ask? Because sports bras, especially high impact ones, are made from technical fabrics that break down over time. Every workout and wash cause the materials to weaken. Over time this adds up to a failing sports bra. The funny thing is you don’t notice it happening and can only appreciate your old sports bras failings when you try on a new one.

Of course, the 12-month maximum rule is only a guideline. As everyone uses their sports bras differently. As well as frequency, the intensity of your workouts also comes into play. For example if you’re training for a marathon you would need to replace your bras about every 3 months.

If you work out regularly but take part in lower impact activities, 6 months may be o.k. For regular exercisers it is recommended to rotate three to four sports bras to extend their lifespan.

As we know a supportive sports bra or crop provides more support as compared to your regular everyday bra. Jump around in your regular bra and then change into your sports bra and do the same. Your breasts should feel significantly more supported in your sports bra. If not it’s time to look for a replacement.