How We Design Our Unique Puzzle Cuts: Meet The Man You Love To Hate!

What many of you will already know and enjoy is the fact that our puzzles from have intriguing puzzle cuts, all hand-crafted by ourselves, which makes our puzzles truly unique, more challenging, and rewarding. Along with the fact that they are made of wood, there are no other puzzles like them.

Our puzzle cuts are what many customers return to again and again to experience, and they know that a 250 piece puzzle is similar in challenge to a 1000 or 1500 piece cardboard puzzle.

The first stage is to thoroughly review and analyze the puzzle image. Find elements within the puzzle that would make fabulous wacky pieces. Then develop that theme to make sure there is a nice variety of quirky shaped pieces. You should always make sure that quirky shapes are recognizable and have highlights and markings that help make them perfect. It is essential to ensure that there are no items that are too thin and can easily break.

Once there is a good selection of quirks, we place them in the correct size of the puzzle and create the unusual and irregular pieces around them. The pieces around the quirky pieces are equally important. As you will rarely find 2 pieces of the same shape in a Custom puzzle, it is critical to establish not only the challenge for the user, but also that the puzzle is intertwined and has integrity as a unit during completion and when completed.

So we must not forget the dissected corners, the straight pieces in the center, and the pieces that do not have straight edges used for the edge.

The puzzle cuts are then to be tested and samples made to make sure they fit well and that the switches are working and holding the puzzle together. We also make sure that the quirky pieces that have been designed are recognizable and modified if necessary.

The puzzle boards are then printed and the puzzle pattern is laser cut and sent to a series of testers across the country who complete the puzzle and return with feedback for improvement. We do this to ensure that all designed puzzles are challenging and enjoyable to create.

However, our extra difficult puzzles are slightly different. Its intrigue and challenge comes from repetitively shaped pieces, similar colors, and uneven edges. We design pieces that are tessellated shapes, or combination of shapes, that are recognizable and match the theme of the image. These repetitive themed pieces then need other pieces to make sure they all fit together. These connecting pieces must also be repetitive to ensure that the puzzle is challenged as much as possible. Getting the pieces to interlock together in a very difficult puzzle is also the tricky part for us.

Our online store is always pushing the limits of what will work to create exciting new puzzles for you. So the next time you get stuck and can't find the right part, or are sure a part is missing, you know whose fault it is. He's the man you love to hate!