Love simplicity and a clean look? Would you describe your home decor style as minimalist? For those who prefer the ‘less is more’ visual approach, have compiled a stunning list of ideas (think glass, metallics and stone) for you to display your favorite photos that will blend seamlessly with your modern space.

Acrylic Photo Block
Freeze your favorite moments in time with our beautiful, crystal-clear acrylic photo blocks. With an elegant, frameless design, why not pair two together to create a stunning display of personalized home décor.

Metal Prints
Lightweight metal photo prints offer the simple elegance of a fine art gallery print for your most impressive photos. The smallest details are reproduced in high definition on our aluminum photo panels and the easel back makes it easy to display on a desktop or a shelf. Ideal for any room in the home, including bathrooms thanks to the rust resilient material used!

Framed Matted Print
Museums and galleries choose white matte board to make photos stand out. Now you can create your own Framed Matted Photo Print in minutes. We use gallery-quality printing techniques on high-grade, acid-free paper and mount and matte your prized photo in your choice of frame. Versatile enough for any room, especially minimalist or modern ones!

Down to the last detail
From Aluminum Christmas Ornaments to Square Photo Magnets, every last little detail in your home should match your modern decor. This means sticking to metal, stone, acrylic, and glass, when it comes to materials for displaying your best photos for maximum modern effect.

What did you create for your modern abode? Share it with us on social media! Check out the site for even more custom gift ideas.