How to Make Your Own Calendar

How to make your own calendar? A personalized calendar is the perfect way to stay organized. Make your own calendar with and you can personalize each aspect of it. Here’s how to make your own calendar, in 6 easy steps.

1. Pick a wall calendar or kitchen calendar
Pick a wall calendar or kitchen calendar. Pick the size that suits you.

A wall calendar is the classic option, available in A4 or a larger A3 size. This is the perfect size for a large wall, giving you plenty of room to get organized with large squares for each date. If you have less space, a kitchen calendar is the one for you. Slimmer, longer calendar is great for hanging in kitchens or hallways where there’s less space. Dates are shown in a list format, giving you plenty of space to write in your plans.

2. Pick your starting month
Prefer an academic calendar that starts in September, or simply want to get organized in the middle of the year? You can change the start date to any month you like! This is great for anyone following a different calendar year as well, as you can start it in the month of your choice! Prefer to start in January? Get yourself ready for January 2022 with a personalized 2022 calendar.

3. Choose a theme
Choose from a range of themes and designs for your calendar front cover and each page. You can use on of our pre-set designs as it is or add your own touches with custom clip art and background colors – let your creativity shine!

4. Upload your photos
Upload 12 photo designs for each month, plus one for the cover. You can have full size photos or upload more to create a collage with our collage layouts. Why not add a seasonal photo for each month? You can have your Christmas photos in December, summer vacation photos in July and a romantic photo in February.

5. Add your events
You can add in all the key dates and events in your year, like birthdays, weddings and holidays. Make a list beforehand so you know what you’re putting in and don’t miss any out! You can even add photos to special dates for extra customization – make your own calendar just as you want it.

6. Print!
Check it’s ready, then add to cart and checkout. We’ll do the printing and take care of the rest! You’ll love getting organized with your custom calendar.