How to Make Custom Christmas Cards

As the holiday season approaches, it’s never too early to start thinking about Christmas cards. Don’t leave it too late and miss out on the opportunity to make your own custom cards. What better way to show loved ones you care than with a customized photo card and a thoughtful holiday message?

Make your own unique Christmas cards with your family photos and close the distance between loved ones you might not see this year.

Making personalized Christmas cards might seem difficult, but using our simple card templates, you can have all your cards made in minutes!

  1. Choose your photos

The most important part of the process – pick the photo or photos you want on your custom Holiday cards.

 For a Christmas-themed photo, why not use a family snap from last year’s festivities? If you can’t be with family this year, it’ll spread some Christmas cheer as you remember happy times together.

 If you don’t have any festive photos, you could pick a favorite picture from this year to share with your friends and family. 2021 has had some ups and downs, but there’s still some special moments to share…picnics with friends, family bakes, movie nights, backyard camping and more. Share a smile and spread some festive joy, from your quaranteam, to theirs.

  1. Make your cards

Choose the design of your card and add custom elements like text. Create your cards with and you have unlimited customization options to make the perfect Christmas card. Choose from a wide range of designs and templates, then upload your photo or photos. Add your custom text and any custom elements of your choice until you’re happy with your design. Make it 100% unique to you.

  1. Send to loved ones

Order your cards now so that you can receive them, write them and post them out to all your friends and family in time for the holidays. It’s a busy time during the holiday season for mailing and shipping, so we recommend you send cards out 2-4 weeks before Christmas to make sure they arrive in time.

It’s worth taking the time to write a little note in each card to show loved ones you’re thinking of them. Spread some joy with your custom Christmas cards! Get ready for Christmas now and you can relax knowing it’s all sorted.