How To Find Swimwear That Actually Fits You Properly

Thought looking good on the beach was all about reducing the circumference of your thighs or strapping yourself into a complicated bikini? When it comes to sashaying along the sand, the only thing you need to look your best is confidence - and that all comes down to finding swimwear that fits you properly.

If you’re worried that your swimming costume is digging in or that you’re about to fall out of your bikini top, the last thing you’ll feel like doing is strutting around the pool as if you own the place.

Finding great-fitting swimwear that flatters can take you from ‘too scared to drop your towel’ to total seaside gorgeousness in the time it takes to eat a popsicle. But actually tracking it down? Well, that can feel a bit like searching for the lycra holy grail.

Relax, beach babes. has all the swimwear sizing tips you need to bag yourself a winner. Should you go for a size up in swimwear, or down? Go for separates or risk an off-the-peg? Our swimwear size guide has all the answers.

Should you size up or down to find your perfect fit? This is a hard one, and it really comes down to personal preference. As a general rule, we’d advise you to go for your usual bra size when you’re buying a bikini or swimming costume, at least as a starting point. But we’re also well aware that people don’t want their usual lingerie fit when it comes to their swimwear in case it leaves them feeling too exposed when they’re lying on the sand. Some people like to size up to ensure they get good rear coverage in their bikini briefs, or to make sure their swimming costumes aren’t too tight across the tummy.

If this sounds like you, try this swimwear sizing strategy. Go up one back size bigger than your normal bra, while selecting one cup size smaller, to ensure you keep the same volume in the cup. For example, if you usually wear a 36E bra size but want more room in the body of your swimming costume, try a 38DD. Just remember though, this might affect the level of support you get.

You also need to remember that all swimwear stretches slightly over time, and baggy bikini bottoms and swimming costumes will only make you look bigger. Excess material will always add bulk to your silhouette, so going too big to start off with may draw attention to those bits you’d rather hide. Buying your exact size (or even, shock horror, a size smaller) can be slimming, so give it a try.