How to Design Great Custom Socks!!

Thinking of making custom socks to sell as merch?

Awesome plan! When done right, custom socks can be a very lucrative product. No need to knit them yourself or slave away over a screen printer – nowadays, small-scale creators and larger businesses alike can partner with factories to pass off production tasks. (So you can focus on the important things, like your sales strategy!)

Still, even if you find a reputable manufacturer to create beautiful custom socks for you, you’ve still got some serious decisions to make… like what type of socks you’ll create, the materials you’ll use to make your socks, and the design you’ll have printed or embroidered on your socks.

There is no need to be an amazing artist to design a best-selling pair of socks – when you choose as your manufacturing partner, you can also enjoy free professional design services with every order, with as many revisions as you may need.

Whether you’re planning on designing your socks all on your own or leaving the art to the experts, we’ll go over a few design questions to consider, the key pillars of good sock design, and how to design a great pair of custom socks.