How To Design A Face Mask

Safety First

Before you start any DIY face mask project, remember to use safe materials that can cover the mouth and nose without obstructing breathing. This includes avoiding the use of harsh chemicals that should not be breathed in.

Remember to use materials that can be washed. Face masks should be washed regularly, so you want to make sure you can still do so after your design is complete.

Avoid sewing anything through the material of a face mask. The whole point is to keep germs away from your airways. Even putting a tiny hole through a face mask can make it less effective.

Best Cloth Face Masks To Decorate

Like any clothing DIY project, the material matters. Look for multi-layer cloth face masks made from 100% cotton, which is what you should be wearing for personal use anyway. Cotton is breathable, comfortable and works great for crafts.

You’re going to want a white cloth face mask for many of the DIY methods below. Depending on your design, you can also start with a face mask in a solid color, like blue, yellow, orange, even black, and decorate from there.

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