How to Design A Custom Blanket from Your Couch

A wise person once said, “Happiness is snuggling under a blanket when it’s cold.” We’re sure lots of wise people have said this. Regardless of who said it first, it really doesn’t matter because we all know it’s true!

When the weather outside gets chilly, there’s nothing quite like getting cozy under a soft blanket with a loved one, a good book, or a warm mug of your favorite cold-weather brew. Hold the fluffy blanket and enjoy the leisure time at home & living.

This holiday season you can now wrap yourself and everything special to you in a personalized photo blanket! We guarantee the lowest price in the industry, and we make it easy for you to create your own unique blanket from start to finish.

Ready? Follow these simple steps using our online design tool and you’ll be on your way to!

Select the size and material

Please choose the size of the blanket according to your actual needs

Soft Plush Bed Blanket Warm and Comfortable

The woven material is Anti-pilling flannel for a very natural, breathable feel. Our blankets are soft like a fuzzy kitten, but much easier to care for. It’s warm but lightweight. Think of it like the woolen lining of your favorite slippers.

Upload Your Photos

Choose photos from your computer, your Facebook or Instagram accounts.

Choose A Layout

Whether you have one special photo or four, pick from a variety of layout templates to complement your custom blanket.

Multi-purpose Round Home Blanket Soft and Cozy

Add Custom Text

Choose from a variety of font styles, custom sizes and colors to complete your masterpiece. Add your own custom text to the portrait of your family at last summer’s lakeside vacation.

Preview & Save

Before you save it, you can preview your design. Need to change something? You can edit everything as you go or alter anything you’ve done already. Once you’re happy with your blanket layout, save it and add to your cart and check out. Then sit back and wait for your custom piece to arrive!

Arctic Velvet Cloak Hooded Blanket High Quality Comfortable

Great Gift Ideas!

Personalized photo blankets make great gifts for grandparents, too! You know your mom and dad can’t get enough quality time with your little ones. Give them a photo blanket so they can cozy up with the kiddos’ faces smiling back at them whenever they wish!