How to choose the right jigsaw puzzle size

If you are reading this you have probably already made an awesome choice of creating a photo jigsaw puzzle. Making a custom puzzle is definitely something you won't regret. It's fun in the design process, quickly delivered, and even more fun when putting it together! So let's look at which puzzle size is best for you. Whether as a personal gift for someone you love or as a treat for yourself to spend some time offline - puzzles are simply great!

Find the right puzzle size for anyone
At first you should clearly know who your custom photo jigsaw puzzle is for. As it is a very unique and personalized gift, you should have the recipient in mind right from the beginning of the creation process. Is the photo puzzle for your grandma or for your husband? How old is the recipient and how much patience does he or she have for putting a puzzle together?

For a rather impatient or busy person, choosing a smaller number of pieces for your photo puzzle can be a good idea. On the other hand, especially with very busy people, you may be doing them a favor when gifting a photo puzzle with 1000 pieces. There are only few things more relaxing than sitting down and doing a puzzle. You do something with your hands, you make visible progress, and you challenge your brain.

What does the recipient like? Should you make a custom puzzle in shades of blue with an action-packed picture? Or should you rather pick a puzzle picture that shows blossoming flowers in a garden? Grandmas often love the latter puzzle motif, whereas kids can be easily bored with nature motifs. They love animals or would rather work on a photo puzzle with a picture that sparks fantasy and lets them dive into another world.

In addition, you should be clear on the occasion you are making the puzzle for. A birthday puzzle will usually look very different from a Christmas puzzle. Thinking about these aspects from the start, will save you valuable time in the design process as you will know what you want. This way, you can sort through the different layout options quicker and you will know which of your available pictures are suitable for your puzzle.

Puzzles from have many kinds of size, you can choose 520 pieces photo puzzle for your lover, or a small size photo puzzle with 300 pieces for your family and friends. Sure, if your kids is interested in play jigasw puzzle, you can purchase a round photo puzzle to your kids as a perfect gift. All in all, whatever any size puzzle you need, can totally mtt your needs.