How to choose a sports bra to withstand any workout?

Sports bra labels should indicate whether they provide low, medium or high support. Here’s a guide from to bringing the right bras to the fitting room:

The best sports bras for low-impact exercise
For low-impact workouts like yoga, Pilates and Barre, the most comfortable options are compression sports bras because they’re lightweight and move with your body. This sports bra looks more like a tank top with stylish strappy backs. To keep your breasts from spilling out when you do downward dog, look for sports bras with higher necklines and zip-up fronts.

The best sports bras for medium-impact exercise
For low-intensity cardio training and dance-based workouts, choose a bra with more coverage and thicker straps. You still need support to minimise bounce when you maintain faster-paced movement such as jogging, (especially if you have a bigger bust) but compression or encapsulation sports bras may also be suitable, depending on your preference.

The best sports bras for high-impact exercise
For running, circuit training and any exercise that pushes you into high-intensity heart rate zones, look for encapsulation or encapsulation-compression sports bras, which give your breasts more support.

Your bra should have wide straps — those that cross at the back will give you extra stability if you need it — and moisture-wicking materials, which will keep your bra from slipping during sweaty workouts.

If you have a larger bust or prefer extra-supportive sports bras but find straps that cross at the back too difficult to get on and off, look for a sports bra with a zipper at the front.

Choosing the right sports bra can improve your workout performance
Similar to your regular bras, you’ll probably own several sports bras that you use for different types of exercise. When you feel comfortable, it will be the difference between a frustrating workout and one where you can give it everything you’ve got.

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