How to choose a mouse pad?

While mouse pad has appeared to the world for more than half a century, now it is already very different from the first design in 1969. When it comes to gaming, a good and suitable mouse pad will surely give gamer the better performance and experience.

However, among all various mouse pads how to choose a mouse pad for you? Here are some tips.
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There are many different materials for example cloth, silicon, aluminum, even glass. First, you need to consider the game type you play and the DPI of you mouse. You want a speed or control type.
The most common material is cloth. It is consisted with fabric and anti-slip bottom which is normally rubber. The advantage of this material is reasonable price and comfortable.

Size does matter. Of course, first thing is how big is your desk? And even how big are your keyboard and mouse. Are you playing with a desk top PC or notebook platform? These are the factor to pick a right mouse pad size. If your desk is big enough, you’d better have a big mouse pad. It can give you enough space to navigate your mouse and it is more comfortable surface for your hand. Try on and find a comfortable configuration for your gaming environment.
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Other add-on features
There are some other features for gamers. For example, RGB lighting give even more immersive gaming experience. MSI GD60 gaming mouse pad offers RGB lighting effects. User can easily switch with the hardware button. Wireless charging functions to charge wireless mouse or mobile phone. Water-proof materials is designed for easy cleaning in case drink accidently spilled.

Bottom line
Maybe a mouse pad may not the first thing on the top of gamer’s mind. However, for sure, it is important to improve your gaming experience.

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