How to buy custom bomber jacket?

The classic look and versatility of bomber jacket is making it extremely popular among men & women. You’ll see them in custom print and with short skirts or cropped tops for a really cute look. They can be dressed up with a tight pencil skirt. Or, they can be paired with a simple t-shirt and jeans for a super comfortable, sporty look. Without a doubt, this is a look you’re going to want to have. But, before you decide where to buy, let’s make sure you know what you should look for.

Bomber jacket History:
Traditionally, bomber jackets (Flight Jackets) have a military origin and were designed to be more functional for fighter pilots with a shorter length than traditional jackets, which allowed the pilots easier movement while seated in the plane. They first appeared in the military in the late 40’s and were so popular that they started being sold on the black market soon afterwards. Their ease of movement also makes them perfect for today’s active lifestyle.
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Materials for Bomber Jackets:
If you are planning to buy a custom bomber jacket, it is important to know about jacket’s materials. The bomber jacket were usually made with cotton twill, satin or nylon shell and various breathable and waterproof materials such as soft-shell. We offer satin and black cotton lining for bomber / flight jackets.

They have a elasticated knit collar, waistband, and wristbands to help keep the cold out. Bomber jackets usually have a metal zip closure for quick on and off. A professionally designed bomber jacket comes with a sleeve pocket with metal zip and two pen holder pockets. On pocket various pieces of fabrics are well stitched together and they look extremely nice.

The wide variety of materials available makes these jackets perfect for fall, winter or even spring. Your choice will depend on your style preferences and your budget. Cotton twill is classic, long-lasting choice but Polyester Satin Bomber Jacket is also very popular among women and fashionistas. We offer bomber jackets in polyester satin, nylon, cotton fleece and sheep leather.
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Why Custom Bomber Jacket from
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