How to build a custom calendar in

Why Make Your Own Calendar?
It’s easy to spend year after year looking at a calendar with generic photos of landscapes or kittens. It’s easier to be inspired and take on the year ahead with a calendar customized with meaningful, personal photos.

A personalized calendar brightens up the space wherever it lives. It also becomes a great conversation piece for anyone who flips through it. If you have a large family, make a birthday-themed calendar for grandparents and siblings. If you love to travel, create a vacation-themed calendar for a less expensive way to showcase your favorite adventures. If friends are getting married next year, a friendship memory calendar featuring important dates is a thoughtful way to show support and excitement for a major milestone.

Personalized calendars can feature more than great photography. Include favorite inspirational or humorous quotes each month, or add comments to photos and mark special occasions with heartfelt notes. When personal photos fill up a calendar, they tell a story and bring it life.

Ideas For Your Personalized Photo Calendar

Use Your Favorite Photos

Even if photos are meticulously organized on your phone, computer, or in an actual photo album, what better way to show off your favorite photos than in a calendar? Reminisce about family events. Marvel at how kids in the family have grown. Remember the excitement of the high school basketball championship last spring. In a personalized photo calendar, add text to photos to mark the date of an event, or to show enthusiasm for a favorite memory. The options are endless, and the smiles are guaranteed every time you look at it.

Add to grandparents’ well-established photo displays with a custom calendar that tells the story of the special relationship with their grandchildren. Include baby photos and incorporate memorable images that feature children with their grandparents. For weddings and other important events, feature the best photos from each to reminisce and celebrate all over again.

For parents of fur babies, dedicate a calendar to pets by marking grooming schedules or dog park play dates. Honor an adoption day with a calendar page that commemorates each year spent together. 

Highlight Important Dates

A calendar’s most important function is as a date tracker. Make the most of a personalized calendar by highlighting important dates to remember. That includes birthdays and anniversaries, but add other important meaningful dates, as well. Upcoming milestones or events to look forward to, such as a graduation, retirement, a concert or sports event you’ve been waiting months to attend, and others.

Save family’s birthdays

Some people are great at remembering birthdays. Most need a reminder. A visual reminder of family members’ birthdays on a calendar does the trick. Never forget a birthday when family and friends’ faces are smiling on their birth date. Add how old they’ll be turning as a caption on the photo. Everyone appreciates being remembered on their birthday. Personalized calendars make it happen.

Cherish favorite memories

Look forward to the year ahead by looking back at cherished memories. Make a personalized calendar into an adventure featuring amazing experiences or vacations. A once-in-a-lifetime vacation can be revisited every day of the year. Dedicate each page to a different expedition. Devote the year to a single vacation, or use the entire calendar to document one day of a specific trip. 

Customize a calendar to highlight cherished family memories during each month. Time with children flies by too quickly. Savor the time. Take photos and add them to a family calendar. Include a then-and-now collage during children’s birthday months, or feature holiday highlights from school or family events for a themed calendar page. Commemorate family-specific holidays, like an annual camping trip, yearly family reunion, or summer getaway. Show off those dance recital costumes, amazing sports moments, graduation memories, and more.

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