How Should Sports Bra Fit?

Did you know that one of the most common reasons for breast soreness when exercising is poorly fitting support sports bras? You can buy the most supportive sports bras online but if they don’t fit you, they’re not going to support you. Quite simply a sports bra needs to fit well to support well.

Unfortunately, it is not that simple. Sports bras come with different levels of support and won’t always fit like your regular bra and there is a lot to check to find the perfect fit for you. Fear not though as the effort is well worth the reward.

Your Band Should Fit Snugly
Did you know 80% of the support provided by your sports bra comes from the band? As such, it should fit tighter than your everyday bra. It needs to if it is to offer the support required. That said, it should not fit too tight. So how do we know when we have found the happy medium? Easy, the two-finger test!

The two-finger test. Simply, put your sports bra on a clasp that feels comfortable. You should be able to comfortably slide two fingers between the band and your chest. If you can’t, the band is too tight. If you can slide more than two fingers, it is too loose. Of course, this is not an exact science. But it does give you a gauge to go by.

Your Band Should Not Ride Up
As I mentioned earlier, fitting isn’t an exact science. As such it is good to have a couple of fitting checks up your sleeve to ensure the best fit possible. The next thing to check is how the band sits across your back. You want your band to sit horizontal, giving a straight line parallel with the floor. It should sit level with the underside of your bust.

A quick check in front of the mirror will give you the answer you need. Horizontal, all good. Lifting at the back, not good. So, what is the cause and solution? One cause could be that your shoulder straps are too tight. The pull from the straps can physically lift the back of the band. Check this first and adjust if necessary.

The most common reason your band rides up is your band size is too big. If your band is too big your natural tendency is to tighten the straps to firm things up. Solution? Go down a band size, simple! And remember down a band size means up a cup size (assuming your cups fit).

Hopefully this article posted by has helped you understand how a sports bra should fit. And will help you find the right sports bra for you.