You’ve loved our classic + custom 8×8 photo tiles to capture memories while adding a sleek, modern design element to your space. Now, we’ve added new sizes to give your gallery more variety! Explore our brand new 12×12 + 8×12 wall photo tiles to discover new possibilities for your décor.

New sizes, new possibilities, never easier

Three sizes to choose from means you can add a new level of dimension to your home gallery. Mix and match 8×8, 8×12, and 12×12 photo tiles to create a visually engaging wall display that works in spaces of any size. Plus, their easy-to-remove stickable magnets make setup and removal easy. It’s affordable and hassle-free to keep updating your wall art as you make new memories!

Endless ways to make it your own

We may have added new sizes, but you can expect the same totally-up-to-you customizability that makes your photo wall truly unique.

These new sizes come with our suite of photo tile designs to get you started — just add your photos and text to make a unique, polished creation. With dozens of templates to choose from, your tiles can commemorate anything from family trips to forever friends. A Wooden Family Photos design creates a warm display of 6 family moments; Filmstrips captures your favorite trip with a touch of nostalgia; and a Best Friends Forever wall photo turns times with your bestie into a touching display.

Words complete your wall

Have enough photos around the house? There are plenty of text designs to add variety to your gallery and meaningful phrases to your décor!

We can’t wait to see your new-and-improved displays, so be sure to share your creations with us on social media!