Celebrate Dad this Father’s Day (or for his birthday) with a unique gift for once – a personalised jigsaw puzzle! Just choose your favourite or best photo of Dad and then transform it into a fun photo puzzle that is sure to surprise and delight him. Check out the newest puzzle sizes from below for a truly original gift idea for Dad. (Don’t forget to customise a photo jigsaw puzzle for Grandad, too!)

For soon-to-be Dads, you could create a photo puzzle using a picture from the ultrasound. For new Dads, customise your puzzle using a lovely photo of him and his new baby. For grandfathers, use a beautiful photo of him and his grandchild so they can also have a fun activity to do together. For pet dads, personalise the puzzle with favourite photos of him and his fur baby.

500 Pieces / 1000 Pieces Photo Puzzle Wooden Picture Jigsaw
Are you a puzzle fan? Then just make your own puzzle. It is child's play to create an individual photo puzzle with a photo, from vacation, from your pet, etc. The classic impresses not only with its individuality with its own photos and texts, but also with the very good quality of the print on sturdy cardboard. You can choose between 500 and 1,000 pieces and thus have a personal photo puzzle as an ideal gift for all puzzle lovers, whether young or old. A photo puzzle stands for fun and games combined with memories of beautiful moments. Turn your favorite pictures into an individual leisure activity for young and old!

520 pieces Photo Puzzle Wooden Picture
Unique gifts are not always easy to find. But with an individually designed 520 piece wooden photo puzzle, you can create something really special: With each additional puzzle piece, your personal favorite motif, a loving message or a nice memory takes shape. The 520 piece photo puzzle is ideal for this. With its compact box, it is nice and handy and easy to transport. The dimensions of the photo jigsaw puzzle are also well suited to being puzzled on the patio table. Nevertheless, it is big enough so that your photo comes into its own as a puzzle. But this personalized puzzle is also just the thing for cloudy days: with its 520 pieces, the photo puzzle is easy to put on a bad weather afternoon. And when your own photo can gradually be seen, the mood will brighten up again in no time.

This wooden photo puzzle is made of high quality materials, with solid color, beautiful picture quality, green and environmentally friendly, no peculiar smell, safe and non-irritating. Contains the puzzle module LOVE. For adults, the puzzle can relax and enjoy free time. Intellectual puzzles for kids can develop children's thinking and practical skills, and during the puzzle process they can bring people a sense of achievement.

300 pieces Photo Puzzle
When putting together a jigsaw puzzle, are you the "edge pieces first" type or more the "color blocks first" type? Find out now by creating your own personalized 300 piece wooden photo puzzle and prepare yourself for endless hours of puzzle fun! Select your favorite photo and upload it to our website - within a few minutes you will have created your personal puzzle. The perfect Sunday afternoon activity to relive some of life's magical moments in an original way!

Upload and edit photos: Choose a beautiful motif from your personal photo collection. If necessary, adjust the image section or embellish your image with suitable cliparts. A practical topic filter makes your selection easier.

Don’t forget to include a cute card with your photo puzzle for Dad! Browse our wide range of Father’s Day card designs here. How did you personalise your jigsaw puzzle for Dad?