And with colder weather comes more houseguests! Wedding season, vacations, holidays and events all seem to be more plentiful when the sun is shining and the weather is warmer.

When entertaining houseguests, I like to do fun little things to make them feel more welcome. If you’ve ever stayed at another person’s home it can be a little awkward, so I try to do things that are unexpected, but thoughtful.

Welcome baskets with some of their favorite items, cozy slippers, or even warm cookies waiting for them when they arrive are all great ideas, but I really love something that’s even more personal.

These DIY personalized pillowcases are a fun way to add a little personality to your guest room by adding your guest’s names to their pillows! They’re great because they can be taken home with your guests when they leave too!
Lightweight Cotton and Linen Pillowcase Comfortable and Breathable Double-sided Printing Custom Design Printing with Your Pictures or Photos
Want to create some DIY personalized pillowcases of your own?

In our online shop you can design and print your own personalised pillowcase with your own design or photo. The included possibilities of the tool make the personalised pillowcase easier. We provide you with a generator for the design, which is an online app that you do not have to download to your device. With the generator you can easily design an overprint. One or more graphics can be loaded into the generator.

They really are that simple to make, but add such fun to a guest room when friends or family are in town.

And if you’re just a little bit jealous of your houseguests, you could easily make your own DIY personalized pillowcases to keep in your room or the kids rooms too!