Sun’s shining, birds are chirping, and it’s time to bust out the barbecue. July is National Grilling Month… are you ready to celebrate? Don’t forget the essentials —  hot food, cold drinks, and a clever apron, too. Check out our top picks for making your next grillout a great success!

Call on your crew

If you’re planning something a bit bigger than just your immediate family, make it special with custom invitations. Your guests will be grinning all the way to your grillout! These are fun and easy ways to be on theme for National Grilling Month celebrations!

Compliments to the chef

Every barbecue has a grill master… who’s yours? Create a personalized apron for them to rock during your get-together! Now we’ve got both white and navy grill aprons with lots of amazing design options to boot. We think the Tool Monogram design is just the one to customize for your next cookout — simple, sleek, and shows who’s in charge.

While working away, the chef is going to need some tools and utensils. Craft a customized glass cutting board to hold all of the grilled goods. Make one that perfectly suits your BBQ style and personalize it with photos, text, designs, embellishments, and beyond. We have loads of adorable designs to choose from in a wide range of colors!

Cheers to your cookout

What’s a BBQ without a beverage or two? A surefire way to keep your cold drinks nice and chilly is a one-of-a-kind can cooler. Our cloth can cozies can be customized with your favorite photos, text, embellishments, and beyond. Plus, we’ve got some sweet summery designs that are a perfect fit for your patio hangs. We love the Happy Campers designs and Check BBQ design for this!

Keep your cups straight — no matter how many guests you’ve got! — with personalized pint glasses. They make the best vessel for sweet tea, ice cold lemonade, or your favorite brew! Create custom monogram designs for each guest, add first names to the lovely Flower Outline design, or add a silly photo memory with each friend to the side of the glass.

Feeling prepped and ready for a great grilling season? We hope you are… and that you snag some Dysdyl.com essentials for your next cookout!