As they get older, finding a great gift for the awesome kid in your life can be a challenge. They may be too old, or too cool, for whatever random toy or doodad you pick up off the shelf. That’s why we love gifting thoughtful + personalized presents that people can use every day. You might think you can only add photos and names to our photo gifts, but inspirational quotes work well too! To help guide you in your gifting journey, we’ve rounded up some fun phrases that would work well on any of our photo gifts.  

Artistic essentials 

Whether they’re a painter, a writer, or a designer, they’ll need just the right tools to hone their craft. Try adding a motivational phrase to a custom notebook or journal so your creative kiddo will have a place to jot down ideas, doodles, and more. Or toss a fun phrase onto our new colored pencil set — great for budding artists and pros alike! You can also put a cute expression on our aprons that will inspire their work as well as protect their clothing from paint splatters.  

Don’t forget to add embellishments to your design! If you’re not familiar with where to find them, simply choose the product you want to customize and open it in our project builder. 

Stylish storage

Your teenager may need a convenient carryall for class or a personalized pouch for their purse, so why not create something useful that packs personality too. Our designers have already created some tote-ally amazing bags with fun phrases on them, but you can always design your own.

Cute cups
We know it can be difficult getting your kids to help with the dishes. Why not personalize a special mug, insulated water bottle, or tumbler that you know they’ll take great care of?

We hope you got some great gift ideas for your son, daughter, nieces, nephews, grandchildren, and the whole crew!