Custom Framing Puzzles

Did you buy a jigsaw puzzle during quarantine? If so, you’re not alone. Puzzle sales have more than tripled this year, thanks to stay-at-home orders across the country. And if you were online shopping this past spring, you probably saw that puzzles were flying off virtual shelves. Thankfully, the madness has calmed down a bit and it’s now possible to score some sought-after designs that you can piece together and put on your walls as fun, custom framed art.

To turn your completed puzzle into DIY wall decor, you’ll need to first glue it to a ¼- or ⅛-inch foam board. Because puzzles often come in odd sizes, they typically require a custom frame—but unless the puzzle is unusually thick, a Gallery Classic frame should do the trick. (If you do have an extra thick puzzle to frame, opt for

Sounds easy enough, right? But first thing’s first: finding the perfect, wall-worthy puzzle. Here are some of our favorite sources for buying super cute puzzles online.

Pulse Pressure Picture Frame Wooden Photo Frame Horizontal Version
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Pulse Printing Picture Frame Wooden Photo Frame Vertical Version
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Feeling inspired to DIY some wall decor? Once you’ve got your puzzle pieced together, select a custom frame to match at