Crop Top Bras - The Best Option for Comfort and Style

Today I would like to talk to you about crop top bras. And why they are the best option for comfort and style. Many of us lead ever more active lifestyles. As such, we are turning to a crop top or sports bra to give us the comfort and support we need throughout the day.

This has led to a boom in the activewear space as women increasingly ditch their everyday bra for a sports crop top. But is this a good thing? Is this newfound obsession for comfort and support good for us?

Read on as I delve into the world of crop tops to answer what they are, why you would wear one and who should wear one (they are not suitable for everyone!)

What are Crop Top Bras?
Let us first answer the question of what a crop top bra is. Generally, bras for sport are divided into two types. The first, crop top bras, also called crop tops, sports crops or crop top sports bras. The second structured sports bras or simply sports bras.

Structured sports bras are what would first come to mind when you mention the words ‘sports bra’. These are bras with structured cups. That is, cups made specifically for a breast size that cover a wide range of cup sizes. Sizes ranging from an A cup to a K cup and everything in between.

These bras can be underwired or wirefree, generally have adjustable shoulder straps and are most often done up at the back. OK, back to crop top bras. Unlike structured sports bras these are most commonly wirefree, do not have adjusting straps and are put on over the head as they have a one-piece band.

They are the type of bra you would most commonly see women proudly displaying on their daily beach walk or gym session. They are generally lower impact and are designed foremost for comfort and style.

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